Our Story

Launched in 2022 by siblings, Wemi and Pete Opakunle, Purpose Pet Charms are a reminder that animals and nature are our greatest teachers.

Inspired by 2 furry additions to the Opakunle family, Oliver “Ollie” who was adopted in 2019 by another Opakunle sister and Neo, who was almost named Keanu Reeves and joined Wemi during the Pandemic in 2020, our charms create a bond between our pets and us.

Made for all pet companions, they are inscribed with motivational and inspirational words that inspire us to be present, grateful, mindful and joyful in this life journey.

Our pets are some of the greatest and most faithful companions, allowing so many of us to grow and flourish from both giving and receiving love. They’re not just animals, they’re beings who teach us about BEING.

They make this human experience and journey more real. Their too short stays push us to live more urgently. They teach us selflessness, awareness and compassion.

Our charms are an expression, a visible sign of what we hold with love. They are a love letter to a beautiful bond and a more present existence. Our message is simple – To inspire a more mindful human experience through our pets.